About Registration

One of the roles the College plays is to make certain that individuals applying to use the title of physiotherapist or physical therapist in Ontario are qualified to do so.

Registration adopts competencies and sets criteria that all physical therapists in Ontario must meet for their initial registration and to maintain their certificate annually.

In addition to registration and renewal, the Registration team:

  • Provides information on professional incorporation and for those physiotherapists who decide to incorporate, issues Certificates of Authorization to Professional Corporations
  • Maintains registrant files, processes name, address or employment changes reported by registrants and generally manages the Public Register
  • Administers the rosters for authorized activities and the process for registrants to request use of specialty titles
  • Administers the Jurisprudence Program
  • Provides services to registrants related to duplicate receipts, wall certificates, letters of professional standing, and completion of verification of registration forms

Policy Development

Provincial, national and international issues including testing, labour mobility, health human resource planning and immigration are monitored by the Registration team.

In response to feedback from a number of sources, including those people registered with the College and employers, Registration considers new initiatives to meet the changing requirements of the practice environment. This includes things such as the development of programs to assist internationally educated physiotherapists to practice in Ontario.

The College values the principles of fairness, transparency, objectivity and impartiality. 

Visit the Fair Registration Practices section of the website for information about how the College demonstrates its commitment to these principles.