Council Members

Stephen Mangoff, PT


Gary Rehan - Professional Council Member

Gary Rehan, PT

Elected Representatives

Catherine Hecimovich - Professional Council Member

Catherine Hecimovich—(Central)
Catherine Hecimovich, PT, is the CEO of Community Care Access Centre, Central West and has served as a non-Council Committee member since 2005. She is Chair of the Discipline and Fitness to Practise Committee.

Janet Law - Council Member - College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Janet Law—(Toronto East) 

Janet Law works in quality management, home care, and acute hospital settings including Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre—Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre.


Darryn Mandel—(Toronto West)
Darryn Mandel, PT, is a long serving Council member for more than 16 years. He works in clinical practice.

Sharee Mandel— (Central Eastern)
Sharee Mandel, PT, has worked for over 25 years in physiotherapy, including private practice and in home care. Currently, she works as a senior therapist in various nursing home and retirement residences. Sharee is Chair of the Patient Relations Committee. 

Stephen Mangoff—(Northern)
Stephen Mangoff, PT, serves as the President of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. He previously served as the Vice-President and Chair of the Registration Committee. Stephen works as a physiotherapist at St. Joseph's Care Group in Thunder Bay with medically complex patients.

Gary Rehan - Professional Council Member

Gary Rehan
Gary Rehan, PT, works in clinical practice with the Department of National Defense with the Military. He currently serves as the Vice-President of Council.

Theresa Stevens - Council Member - College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Theresa Stevens—(South Western)
Theresa Stevens, PT, has worked in the public and private sectors for more than 26 years, with experience managing clinical and operational aspects of rehabilitation facilities. She previously served on the Quality Assurance, Inquiries, Complaints and Reports, Discipline and Fitness to Practice Committees.

Lisa Tichband - Council Member - College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Lisa Tichband—(Central Western)
Lisa Tichband, PT, worked in Australia for nearly 10 years practicing physiotherapy and now continues to practice in Canada. She has worked as a clinician in both the public and private sectors and is currently working for the Niagara Health System in the outpatient service.

Academic Representatives

Deborah Lucy—Western University
Deb Lucy, PT, is an Associate Professor and Chair, Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) Program, School of Physical Therapy, Western University

Nadine Graham - Council Member - College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Nadine Graham—McMaster University
Nadine Graham, PT, is an Assistant Clinical Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University.

Public Appointees

Ron Bourret - Council Member - College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Ronald Bourret

Ron Bourret was member of the RCMP and worked in the Ontario Public Service. Most recently, he served as a Manager of Licensing & Enforcement Division for the city of Thunder Bay and has been enrolled as a part-time student in the Masters of Divinity Course at the University of Winnipeg.

Jane Darville
Jane Darville is a health care professional who has held executive health care positions in both Ontario and British Columbia. Currently, she works as a consultant on several health care projects and serves on health and cultural Boards. She is Chair of the Quality Management Committee.  

Zita Devan

Zita Devan is a retiree of Fleming College where she coordinated programs for unemployed individuals, local employers and disadvantaged youth. She currently spends her time volunteering in her community on social justice issues.

Jennifer Dolling - Council Member - College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Jennifer Dolling
Jennifer Dolling is a lawyer who practices in the area of health law.  Prior to joining the Council, she volunteered as a member of the Mount Sinai Hospital Research Ethics Board.   

Shadi Katirai - Public Council Member

Shadi Katirai
Shadi Katirai is a lawyer who practices professional and medical malpractice, product liability, personal injury and municipal law.

James Lee - Council Member - College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

James Lee
James Lee works as a consultant with senior management teams and Board of Directors to provide governance and financial strategic planning.

Tyrone Skanes
Tyrone Skanes is a retired police officer, having served 32 years with the Toronto Police Service and is a recipient of the Toronto Chief of Police award for his charitable and investigative work.