Scope of Practice 

On February 1, 2012, online registration for authorized activities became available. 
All physiotherapists/physical therapists in Ontario who intend to perform authorized activities under their own authority must add their names to the list associated with each of the activities they plan to perform. Each of the authorized activities has its own list or roster. 
The only exception is communicating a diagnosis. This authorized activity does not require you to roster as it is considered an essential competency for all physiotherapists.  
All other authorized activities require rostering. These include tracheal suctioning, spinal manipulation, acupuncture (including dry needling), treating a wound below the dermis, assessing or rehabilitating pelvic musculature and administering a substance by inhalation. 

Diagnostics Regulation Update

In September 2011, the scope of practice of physiotherapists was expanded. We have been waiting for the government to make regulations under the Regulated Health Professions Act, the Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act and the Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act to enable physiotherapists to order forms of energy (e.g., diagnostic ultrasound), x-rays and laboratory tests.

The College has no authority to make these regulations.

We recently became aware that the government is unlikely to make these regulations in the immediate future. While we expect this may come as discouraging news, we want to reassure you that the knowledge, skills and judgement of appropriately trained physiotherapists to undertake these activities is not in doubt. You may work to the full scope of your abilities through partnerships and delegation and we, at the College, welcome your inquiries about what this might entail.

To roster, go to rostering for authorized activities.

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