Quality Assurance                    

The College’s Quality Assurance program is based on the principle that ongoing learning is essential to ensuring competency in physiotherapists/physical therapists. This is demonstrated by a commitment to continually improving practice and by engaging in practice reflection, maintaining a professional portfolio and engaging in practice assessments.

All registered physiotherapists in Ontario are required to participate in the College’s Quality Assurance program. The program measures physical therapist’s knowledge and application of the College’s professional practice standards and related regulations.  

Quality Assurance

Measuring for Assurance

Quality Improvement

Inspiring for Improvement


The Quality Assurance component at the College requires periodic objective assessment of a physiotherapist's practice, measured against the established essential competencies and standards of practice of the profession.

When specific areas for improvement are identified, resource and support opportunities are provided to make certain a physiotherapist meets set expectations.      

As part of the College’s mandate to protect the public, the College is required to:

Establish and maintain programs and standards of practice to assure quality practice.

The College administers yearly practice assessments to a randomly selected group of physical therapists in Ontario - approximately five per cent of all registrants are selected per year. If an assessment identifies areas in need of additional learning, the College provides the physiotherapist with coaching to assist them in meeting the standards of the profession.

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The Quality Improvement component at the College promotes the use of guided reflection in practice, emphasizing the importance of multiple sources of data to inform individual ongoing learning needs and support continuing competence.

As part of the College’s mandate to protect the public, the College is required to:

Develop, establish and maintain standards of knowledge, skill and competence by developing programs to promote continuing education.   

The College encourages ongoing learning by providing resources to help physical therapists develop and maintain a professional portfolio that shows evidence of ongoing learning throughout their career.

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