Becoming a Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist in Ontario

This section of the website is for individuals who wish to become physiotherapists/physical therapists in Ontario. In order to use the title of physiotherapist or physical therapist and practice in Ontario you must be registered with the College.

Physiotherapists in Ontario complete a Masters degree at one of the five Ontario Universities, a Canadian university outside Ontario or if an individual is educated outside of Canada their education is reviewed by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators to ensure that it is substantially equivalent to the content of a Canadian physiotherapy/physical therapy program.

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Ontario Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy University Programs

The College of Physiotherapists is not an educational institution or school. The College is the regulatory body for physiotherapy in the province of Ontario.

There are five universities in Ontario which offer physiotherapy programs. These are all Master level programs. Contact the universities for more information.

McMaster University
Queen’s University
University of Ottawa
University of Toronto 
Western University

The College Maintains 4 Main Categories of Registration

Independent Practice

For registrants who have successfully completed the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) or were registered in a Canadian jurisdiction on December 31, 1993. (or are currently registered in another Canadian jurisdiction).

Provisional Practice

For new graduates who have passed the written component of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) and are registered for the next available clinical exam.

Courtesy Registration

For registered Physiotherapists coming to Ontario for less than 30 days to: 
  • participate in a course
  • teach a course
  • participate in a research project
  • participate in a specific event

The requirements for each category and the terms, conditions and limitations of the categories are outlined in the Applying to the College section of the College website.

Independent Practice Certificate of Registration—Extended Access with Restrictions

For physiotherapists who currently practice in another Canadian province and who wish to provide care to patients in Ontario, whether through tele-rehabilitation or in person.

Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions Application Form

Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions Frequently Asked Questions

Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions Application Process Flowchart

Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions Checklist

Credit Card Authorization Payment Form

Overview of Fees

  • Application Fee - $100 
  • Certificate of Registration - Independent Practice - $595
  • Certificate of Registration - Provisional Practice - $75 
  • Certificate of Registration - Courtesy - $100
  • Independent Practice Certificate of Registration—Extended Access with Restrictions (Cross Border Physiotherapy) - $100
  • Letter of Professional Standing - $50
  • Wall Certificate - $25
  • Returned or Declined Cheque - $50

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form